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St. Francis chapel

In 2007 one of our dreams came true. It was a construction of a chapel dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi.








Arrangements lasted about one year and the construction itself succeeded to be finished in record time from July to September 2007.

The author of the draft form of the chapel is our friend and architect Zuzana Sceranková and project had been prepared by Ing. Martin Havlíček.

In this place stood a stone Bethlehem, which we moved and now stands on the right hand side of chapel entry.








The walls of the chapel are assembled from local stone and in each of the side walls are two stained glass windows. The front side of the small tower is made of glass , so that it´s easy to see the bell , which bears the name Saint Agnes of Czech. Above the entrance we placed a statue of St. Francis, made by Marian Grolmus.

It is not easy to explain why the chapel has been dedicated just to St. Francis , but it certainly was not a random choice. The reasons were more. One of them is the fact that St.. Francis is the patron of ecology and the chapel is located in a national park.

October 3, 2007 came the long awaited day when the chapel was consecrated by Mons. Josef Kajnek in the presence of large numbers of visitors and friends with the participation of the papal nuncio in the Czech Republic, Mons. Diego Causero.







In the few years the chapel became the center of the piece of land under Maly Sisak.

Oftentimes is the Holy Mass held here and during the year are there a lot of religious and civil wedding ceremonies. Every year there is a pilgrimage to St. Francis, the first Sunday before or after the feast of the saint (4.10).

You are all cordially invited!