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My holiday:

Dárkový poukaz Svatba v oblacích Allied websites


In the autumn of 2009 started a long-planned reconstruction of Erlebachova bouda. Just a few sleepless nights, and we went for it!








Everything began one rainy day by blessing of the ground. Here we go, we have to be ready with the monolith of the first floor untill winter.









In the office of the architect, the building, office, authorities, on site, again and again.

But neither all that, nor cold, wind, rain and fog could surprise us. Works continued day and night.








Of course we enjoyed beautiful sunny days too. Works outside, inside, all the possible details have to be fitted from the bottom to the top.

As the date of completion is approaching, works are gaining higher and higher rotation.

Finally came series of many activities that are not visible from outside. We make the rooms, moving, cleaning and moving again. All works have to be finished. In the morning we lay the last carpet on the floor and at the same time all the cleaners and many temporary workers chase us hastily, but also friends and family members make that afternoon their best to accommodate our first guests.